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Do I Have an Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been harmed in an accident — motor vehicle or otherwise — that was caused by another party’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct, then Arizona law may give you a right of action for damages against the defendant.  Pursuing a claim to its conclusion is not as straightforward as it initially seems.  Many would-be plaintiffs feel anxious about the prospect of litigation, perhaps even uncertain that they have a legitimate claim for damages that justifies a lawsuit.

At Hirsch & Lyon, our personal injury attorneys are standing by to discuss your personal injury claims and help you understand how to move forward with litigation.  We are available 24/7 to respond to any and all inquiries that you may have regarding your case.  Interested?  Contact us today to learn more about our services and to have your claims comprehensively evaluated by an experienced Phoenix injury lawyer.

General Rules for Arizona Liability (and Exceptions) in Personal Injury Claims

Though personal injury disputes are quite diverse, there are some fundamental elements that are shared between most cases:

  1. The defendant must have owed a duty of care to the plaintiff; and
  2. The plaintiff must have suffered harm due to the defendant’s failure to meet that duty of care.

These do not tell the whole story, however.  In Arizona, the elements necessary for establishing liability in a personal injury case can vary significantly depending on the nature of the underlying dispute.

For clarity, let’s examine two possible liability scenarios arising from a single car accident event.

Scenario A

Suppose that you are injured in a car accident where the defendant-driver was driving while intoxicated.  You could ostensibly bring an action against the defendant for damages due to the fact that the defendant-driver recklessly endangered you and others on the roadway by driving while intoxicated, and their misconduct caused you to sustain injuries.

Scenario B

Suppose that you are injured in a single car accident in which your airbag suddenly and spontaneously deployed while you were operating the vehicle on a freeway.  You investigate the accident and discover that your airbag malfunctioned due to a design defect in its release mechanism.  You could bring a lawsuit against the airbag manufacturer for damages under strict liability principles (i.e., you do not have to prove that the manufacturer committed negligence, acted recklessly, or caused intentional harm).  All you have to do is show that the manufacturer created a defective airbag that caused you to sustain injuries.

Common Personal Injury Disputes in Arizona

Here at Hirsch & Lyon, we have intentionally built a focused legal practice.  Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers work exclusively on cases centering around motor vehicle accident claims.  This specialization has afforded us a number of competitive advantages in the legal market.We handle injured pedestrians and victims in the following accidents:

  1. Car Accidents
  2. Motorcycle Accidents
  3. Truck Accidents

Perhaps most importantly, we have gained deep insight into such disputes and understand how to effectively navigate motor vehicle accident cases, even when the issues are complex–such as personal injury claims with serious injuries or wrongful death claims. In many challenging cases, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are able to secure favorable results for clients (where they might otherwise not secure a “win” with a more general practice-oriented law firm).

Pursuing Litigation — the Value of a Skilled Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are considering litigation, then consulting with an attorney is a critical next step in securing the compensation you deserve.  Skilled attorneys provide comprehensive legal services that include, but are not necessarily limited, to the following:

  • Claim evaluation and case strategy development
  • Identifying and securing witnesses (eyewitnesses and expert witnesses)
  • Gathering evidence (i.e., documents, photographs, etc.)
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel
  • Navigating pre-trial, trial, and post-trial procedures
  • Arguing the case persuasively before the court
  • And more

There is no risk or burden associated with consulting a Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Hirsch & Lyon.  Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation.  During the meeting, we will take the time to understand the basic issues in your case and will evaluate whether you have an actionable claim for damages.  This is important — if you attempt to evaluate the legitimacy of your claim without the assistance of a qualified attorney, then you may not realize that your claim is worth litigating.  The insight gained from decades of legal representation gives us the tools necessary to more accurately assess a client’s prospective claims.

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

At Hirsch & Lyon, we work on contingency.  Contingency fees are paid out only if your attorney successfully recovers compensation on your behalf.  The fees are taken from the total compensation recovered.  As such, you — the client — do not take on any of the financial risks associated with litigation.

Contingency fees create a positive dynamic for the plaintiff in personal injury litigation.  Simply put, contingency fees motivate the attorney not only to secure a “win” (as that is the only way an attorney working on contingency can be paid), but also to maximize the potential damages so that the contingency fee is more substantial.  Further, the case will be resolved efficiently, to the degree that doing so is possible — the longer that a case takes to resolve, the less profitable it is for the attorney.

This dynamic ensures that a plaintiff can litigate their claims without taking on an additional financial burden, and that the services rendered by their accident attorney are performed efficiently and effectively under the circumstances.

Worth noting is that here at Hirsch & Lyon, we offer discounted contingency fees — just 25 percent for claims that are settled before litigation begins, and just 30 percent in the event that the case goes to litigation.  We are especially proud of the fact that we not only commit to helping clients achieve their case objectives, but that we enable them to keep more of what they receive in settlement negotiations and trial verdicts.

Begin Your Claim with a Top Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer 

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