Learn About the Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Accidents 

Obviously, motorcycles are very different from cars. This is due to factors that include maneuverability, required stopping distance, responsiveness to roadway conditions and level of protection during an accident. Even motorcycle property damages issues are unique. A claim involving a motorcycle accident should, therefore, not be handled in the same manner as a car crash. Working with an experienced team of Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys will greatly improve your chances of success.

The accident lawyers at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. exclusively focus on personal injury cases to give our clients the very best representation we can. We are well known for our effective representation of both motorcycle accident riders and passengers. Founding partner Greg Lyon is an avid motorcyclist. His decades of riding experience give him firsthand knowledge about the operation of a motorcycle and the factors involved in a bike crash. He personally understands the heartfelt passion you have for riding and the tremendous losses you suffer after a crash, and he has the legal knowledge to help you recover. 

What Factors Are Considered When Filing a Motorcycle Claim vs. a Car Accident Claim in Phoenix, Arizona? 

When filing either a motorcycle claim or a car accident claim in Phoenix, Arizona, there are several factors that must be considered. However, a special set of circumstances come into play when bringing a motorcycle accident claim. Our Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys consider the unique factors of handling a motorcycle claim, including:

  • Helmet law. Arizona does not have a helmet law, meaning motorcyclists can legally ride without a helmet. However, whether you were wearing a helmet will impact your civil claim, and so we proactively address this issue, particularly in relation to a head injury claim.
  • Protective clothing. Whether you were wearing goggles, boots, gloves, an abrasion-resistant, long-sleeved jacket and long pants will also affect your claim. We counter accusations that you somehow contributed to your own injuries so you recover the maximum possible damages.
  • Blind spot. “I didn’t see him,” is never a valid defense. The driver is still responsible for the crash even if you were in his blind spot, a phenomenon that is more common with bikes and motorcycles than with larger vehicles.
  • Stopping distance. Motorists who have never ridden a bike often do not appreciate the unique physics of stopping on two wheels versus four. We clearly explain this relevant concept to insurance adjusters, jurors and the judge. It comes up particularly in left-hand turn cases and other intersection accidents.

What Types of Injuries Can Motorcycle Victims Sustain That Are Different From Those Auto Accident Victims Can Suffer? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the types of injuries that accident victims can suffer tend to be exponentially worse. Motorcycles do not have seat belts, airbags or protective metal. Therefore, the injuries that can occur during a motorcycle accident tend to be much more serious and may differ from those that may be incurred in a car collision or truck crash.

Commonly, bikers sustain the following types of serious injuries following a motorcycle crash:

Can Motorcycle Accident Victims in Phoenix Seek Property Damages the Same Way Car Accident Victims Can? 

In addition to suffering personal injuries, a motorcycle accident can also lead to irreparable property damage. Any kind of damage to your bike can be heartbreaking – especially if the crash led to total property loss. You put your heart and soul into creating a bike that represents you. You also may have sunk a large financial investment into the chrome, pipes, seat, and paint, which makes the bike more valuable than the actual price you paid. We understand how devastating the loss of your motorcycle can be, especially when you are already dealing with injuries. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Phoenix fight for full compensation of these aftermarket parts. We also recognize that selling a bike after a wreck is nearly impossible, so we seek compensation for the diminished resale value as well.

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