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A rear-end collision is the second-most common type of motorcycle accident. Rear-end collisions often happen because the motorcyclist has slowed or stopped because of a traffic signal or an obstruction ahead. Also, motorcyclists following in close formation, as in a parade, are sometimes involved in rear-end accidents. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a premier boutique injury plaintiffs law firm in Arizona. Our lawyers have decades of experience in personal injury trial and insurance claims. Our founding partner also has decades of riding experience. As an avid biker, Greg Lyon appreciates your passion for motorcycles and the trauma of being involved in a serious wreck. His knowledge about motorcycles is instrumental during your crash investigation and negotiations for an equitable insurance settlement. Contact a Phoenix rear-end motorcycle accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation. 

Proving Liability in a Rear-End Motorcycle Crash

Arizona follows the comparative negligence rule. Under this theory, your damages are reduced by your percentage of fault. Therefore, the defense has incentive to push the blame on you. For example, the defense might claim that you should not have put on your brakes while a car followed behind you or you could have taken action to prevent the crash. In truth, a rear-end crash is usually unavoidable, unless you focused on what was happening behind you rather than on anticipating potential dangers ahead, which would be imprudent.

Our Phoenix rear-end motorcycle accident lawyers considers why the motorist failed to brake in time to avoid hitting you. Commonly, the driver was texting, on the phone, or otherwise distracted. Speed also may be a factor, with the motorist unable to stop upon realizing the upcoming traffic had slowed or halted. Impairment is often a factor in the motorist’s inattentiveness and delayed reaction.

When a Biker Hits a Vehicle in Front

The driver in back is not always at fault. A motorist that cut you off may actually be to blame if you ran into her. The motorist has a duty to check for other vehicles before making a lane change. The fact that you might have been in a blind spot is no excuse. Your only choice may have been to hit the other vehicle that drifted into your lane if, for example, there was no shoulder, you were driving through a mountainous area or you were on a two-lane freeway.

Our goal is to demonstrate that you were not to blame or to minimize the amount of fault legally attributed to you.

Rear-End Collision Injuries

Even at slow speeds, a rear-end crash may result in serious injuries. Tapping a moving motorcycle can send it spinning out of control and into another object or cause it to tip over, resulting in soft tissue injuries to the neck and back. However, speed is an important factor in the severity of the collision. Fatalities and more severe injuries, such as fractures and brain damage, are more common at higher speeds.

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If a motorist crashed into your motorcycle from behind, you deserve damages for your injuries and your bike damages. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is experienced in handling the complex issues unique to motorcycle crash claims. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with a Phoenix rear-end motorcycle accident lawyer at 602-535-1900.