Representing Persons Injured in Phoenix Motorcycle Accidents Due to Road Debris and Objects 

Motorcyclists are responsible for remaining alert at all times. However, driving into debris is sometimes unavoidable to even the most diligent biker. The founding partner of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C., Greg Lyon, has experienced numerous near misses on his own motorcycle during his many rides throughout Arizona. We recognize that no matter how defensively you ride, you can nonetheless be the victim of a road-debris crash. We also know that proving your case can be an uphill battle without experienced representation by a Phoenix motorcycle injuries attorney. Our law firm holds the company or municipality that created the dangerous condition accountable for the injuries you suffered.

If you or someone you love was involved in a motorcycle crash, contact a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer today to discuss your rights and the damages you may be entitled to. 

Conducting an Early, Thorough Investigation

Early, thorough investigation is essential to winning a claim in a roadway debris case. After the accident, the city typically clears the foreign objects off the road for safety reasons. Corporations also have the incentive to remove objects under their responsibility to minimize liability. Once the condition is changed, you may lose that evidence forever unless you have had the opportunity to inspect, photograph and analyze it first.

A critical aspect of the investigation is determining how the foreign object ended up in the road and who is responsible. Common scenarios include:

  • The remains of a tire blowout or other mechanical failure were left behind.
  • An inadequately secured load spilled from the back of a truck bed.
  • An individual did not retrieve items that toppled out of a pick-up truck.
  • A construction company left equipment, tools or markers in the road.
  • Dirt, gravel or other objects from a nearby construction site blew onto the road.
  • A municipality failed to conduct general maintenance on the road to clear glass, metal and other debris accumulation.
  • The government agency failed to clean the road of oil to prevent slick surfaces.

Bringing a Claim Against the City or State

Claims against a government agency are handled differently than those brought against a corporation or an individual. First, the deadline for filing notice to a municipality is sooner than filing a lawsuit. Also, the procedures are more complicated and bureaucratic.

Every Phoenix motorcycle injuries lawyer at our firm has substantial experience in government liability claims and we are familiar with the process and strict statutes of limitations. We urge you to take action quickly so you do not waive this opportunity if you have a valid claim.

Bringing a Lawsuit Against a Corporation

Your insurance may not cover the full extent of your damages. Therefore, establishing the liability of the corporation responsible for the foreign object is vital. Our attorneys are skilled at tracking down the liable party using area video footage, equipment serial numbers and other identifiers of who owned or was in control of the objects. We then aggressively pursue the corporation for damages.

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Often, the city or a company is responsible for road debris. Pursuing a municipal liability claim or a lawsuit against a corporation requires experience and perseverance. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has the experience, knowledge and determination to recover the maximum possible compensation for road debris-related bike claims. Call a Phoenix motorcycle injuries attorney to learn more at your free consultation. Schedule an appointment at 602-535-1900.