A Trusted Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm for Accident Victims Throughout Arizona

Over the years, we have received thousands of phone calls from people who have been injured. When a person contacts our firm, the first question typically asked is, “Do I need an attorney?” What people really want to know is whether an insurance company will treat them fairly without a lawyer and, if they hire a personal injury lawyer and pay a legal fee, whether they will end up with less compensation in the end.

The reality is that if insurance companies paid people fairly, our firm would have nothing to do. Undoubtedly, these large and powerful corporations treat injury victims with a double standard – one level of compensation for those who do not have an attorney or do not have the “right” attorney and another level of compensation for those with competent representation.

While many consumers think that Phoenix personal injury attorneys simply write a letter to the insurance company and immediately receive a fair settlement offer that results in attorney’s fees that are not truly earned, we invite you to read through the information on our site to gain a better sense of what our law firm does for each and every client we represent. Regardless of whether we can reach a just settlement with an insurance company or end up litigating the case in court, our firm is committed to working hard and going the extra mile to ensure that our clients recover full financial compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, time off from work and other losses.

What You Need To Know About Our Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

At Hirsch & Lyon, we not only limit our practice exclusively to personal injury law, but we also restrict our practice to the specific types of cases our Phoenix personal injury attorneys have substantial experience handling. For instance, we do not take on medical malpractice, products liability, boating injuries, and certain other types of personal injury cases – we focus on representing individuals and their family members in the following core practice areas:


What Our Clients Are Saying

"First car accident I was in and really I had no idea what to do. I went with Jack Hirsch. There office kept me informed on everything that was going on. At the end Jack's assistant, Mickaela, worked very hard to get me additional money I didn't think I had coming. I would recommend Hirsch and Lyon to anyone."