The moment when a car suddenly turns in front of you at an intersection is hair-raising. Will you stop in time to avoid hitting the car? Will your evasive actions cause you to skid out and drop your bike? Unfortunately, stopping on a motorcycle requires more space and time than a vehicle and the potential consequences are often much worse.

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. understands the particular aspects of operating a motorcycle and the unique dynamics of a wreck. Founding partner Greg Lyon is a longtime motorcycle enthusiast who has personally experienced the unnerving moments when a vehicle makes a left-hand turn in front of his bike. Drawing from this knowledge, we know what to look for during our investigation of the case and the best way to present the facts to insurance agents and juries.

Determining Fault in an Intersection Crash

Motorists generally have no concept of stopping distances and time. The limited maneuverability of a motorcycle is of little importance to the motorist who is more concerned about making the light than ensuring they have plenty of room to turn. Even under the most ideal circumstances, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable when passing through an intersection. Add slick, icy roads or potholed pavement to the scenario, and an accident is all but inevitable when a motorist makes an improper left-hand turn.

Insurance companies often try to blame the biker for not stopping in time. You may have run into the side of the vehicle or spun out and not hit the car at all. However, the accident may not be your fault. The question is who had the right to occupy that specific area of the roadway at that given point in time. Who hit whom is irrelevant.

Early investigation is essential to learn exactly what happened and who is responsible. Our attorneys interview witnesses and drivers to better understand the timing of the turn and the subsequent crash. We anticipate the common defense that the rider was inattentive and failed to brake in time, and we consider evidence that counters this assertion.

Advocates for Motorcycle Safety

Our lawyers advocate for safe motorcycles and roadways that can reduce the number and severity of accidents in Arizona. Our hope is that motorcycle crashes become rare. One important means of eliminating motorcycle accidents is to raise awareness that bikers have as much right on the freeway as other drivers. We also recommend that you use equipment to make yourself more visible to motorists. For example, a motorcycle headlight modulator that pulses on and off substantially increases visibility during day and night hours. These are available through multiple sources and are legal in all 50 states.

Learn More About Recovery for a Left-Hand Turn Bike Crash

Learn more about your rights to recovery if a car turned in front of you and caused you to crash at an intersection. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has the experience and perseverance to prove liability for an improper left-hand turn. To schedule your free consultation with our Bullhead City motorcycle accident attorneys, call us at 928-716-1331.