Almost all bikers have experienced that harrowing moment when a car suddenly switches lanes or drifts inexplicably into your path. In the best of circumstances, you may be able to avoid a crash, but this is not always possible. Accidents caused by unsafe lane changes are extremely common and are often the result of motorist negligence.

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a boutique personal injury law firm with specific experience in motorcycle accident claims. Our founding partner knows the feeling of being cut off by a motorist during his regular commutes and pleasure rides throughout Arizona. He has experienced numerous close calls that could have turned catastrophic, as he has witnessed happen to so many of our clients. His background as an avid motorcyclist gives him insight into the issues bikers face every day on Arizona freeways and rural roads.

How Lane-Changing Crashes Occur

An improper lane change can have dire consequences. The motorist may cut you off, causing you to rear-end the car changing lanes or lose control of your bike, or the vehicle may sideswipe you and cause you to spin out of control or crush your leg. In either case, the motorist is responsible for remaining safely in her lane and for looking before moving out of that lane. Therefore, the overriding question to determine fault is who has the right to occupy a given space at a given time.

The typical defenses that the motorist “did not see you” or “you appeared out of nowhere” are not acceptable. Lane-change accidents commonly result from:

  • A texting driver who drifts into your lane
  • A distracted driver who does not bother to look before switching lanes
  • A drunk driver whose depth perception and response time are compromised
  • A reckless driver who is weaving in and out of traffic
  • A speeding driver who fails to accurately judge the distance of the motorcycle
  • A blind spot, especially of an SUV or other large vehicle

Early Investigation is Key to Winning Your Claim

Lane­­-change cases are complicated. Even if you know you were right, you need evidence to back up your assertions. Our attorneys take immediate steps to investigate your claim to learn what happened and to collect evidence. We talk to witnesses who saw the accident and look for nearby video cameras that may have captured the incident. We consult with experts who help us piece together the facts and we physically analyze the scene, including the debris field, gouge marks and skid marks. We also inspect the vehicles to determine points of impact.

Learn More About Lane-Change Accident Liability

Who is responsible for your injuries? How much are you entitled to? What are the best strategies for reaching the maximum possible damages? These are questions our experienced attorneys and motorcyclists can answer. Call our Bullhead City motorcycle accident attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law for your free consultation at 928-716-1331.