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Do not let the innocuous sounding term “road rash” fool you. Road rash is not a “rash,” but rather deep lacerations that can result in permanent disfigurement. Even in relatively minor cases, this serious injury can cause severe scarring, result in life-threatening infections and require multiple surgeries. Because road rash accidents can lead to severe injuries, it is imperative for victims to seek legal help with experienced Phoenix motorcycle wreck attorneys as quickly as possible. 

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a boutique Arizona law firm that focuses exclusively on personal injury recovery. Our founding partner is a passionate biker who has experienced the challenges of being in a motorcycle wreck. This experience gives us insight into the unique trauma and legal issues surrounding motorcycle accident claims. We have refined our processes for proving damages and recovering the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. We have substantial experience in handling road rash claims and have access to a team of skilled dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals who understand the lifelong consequences of a road rash injury.

Proving Road Rash Damages

Road rash results from the friction of pavement on your skin during an accident. Sliding across the pavement creates deep wounds across large swaths of exposed skin. In addition, gravel, glass, debris and pathogens get lodged into the skin. The condition is very painful and often requires extensive treatment. Your scars may grow worse if you fail to get the care you need, making recovery of compensation vital to your ultimate health.

Our law firm advances the costs of proving your claim. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law retains a professional photographer to document your injuries in high-quality photographs. The photographer captures your road rash injuries at the time of the trauma and periodically throughout the healing process until the scarring has aged sufficiently to be deemed permanent, usually four to six months following the accident.

Next, we set up an examination with a board-certified plastic surgeon who determines a treatment plan to improve your overall appearance. The surgeon records these findings in a report that shows the extensive treatments you require and the costs of obtaining that care. Again, this service is advanced to you so you have the evidence you need to build a strong case and so you can access the quality care you need immediately.

Complications from Road Rash Scars

Scars are particularly damaging because of the very outward appearance of the injury. Motorcyclists commonly suffer psychological trauma associated with the disfigurement. The scars may also affect your job opportunities, relationships and quality of life. Learning to cope with your condition may require psychological care for which you should be well compensated.

You also have an increased risk of infection in the immediate aftermath of your accident and following surgery. An infection that arises from your road rash injuries is also compensable.

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