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Unsafe lane changes occur when a driver either drifts into the adjoining lane or pulls in front of a car traveling in that lane. A sideswipe is dangerous under any circumstance, but when a semi hits a smaller vehicle, the occupants face the prospect of a very serious accident. When the smaller vehicle is a bike or a motorcycle, the rider does not stand a chance against the large truck. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a well-respected auto crash recovery law firm with substantial experience in truck accident claims. Our lawyers are skilled at discovering the truth of what happened and proving liability. Contact a Phoenix truck collision attorney today for a free consultation. 

Investigating the Truck Crash

After an accident, our Phoenix truck collision attorneys launch an immediate investigation into the crash. At the crash site, we investigate debris field, gouge marks, skid marks and any other evidence that might be relevant to the accident. We also review the truck’s event data recorder, which records data about the moments immediately before and following impact, such as braking, steering, speed and angle of the truck. Our high level of diligence and attention to detail is why we are effective at recovering the maximum possible settlement or verdict award.

“I Did Not See You” is Not a Defense

The most common responses to lane drift are, “I didn’t see her,” and, “She came out of nowhere.” These are not valid excuses for making an unlawful lane change. The driver has a duty to remain in his lane and to look before crossing into the adjacent lane. The driver also has a duty to know where his blind spots are and to ascertain that nobody is obstructed from view.

Often, lane drift is caused by the driver’s inattention, including looking for a street sign, rubbernecking another accident, texting or daydreaming. Commercial drivers are prohibited from texting or talking on a phone while operating a truck, but they often ignore this federal regulation. We subpoena phone records if we suspect the driver was distracted by texting at the time.

What You Should Know About the Driver’s Insurance Company

The trucker’s insurance company may contact you for a statement. You have the right under Arizona law to simply refuse. We recommend that you do not speak to the insurance adjuster until you have consulted with an attorney. Remember, whatever you say can be used against you.

Another common tactic insurance companies use is to seek quick settlement for less than what you are entitled to. Once you sign a release, you forfeit your rights to additional compensation. Therefore, you should discuss your claim with a Phoenix truck collision attorney before signing any paperwork. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law offers a free case evaluation so you can learn whether the offer is fair or if your case may be worth more.

Learn More About Your Rights to Compensation If a Truck Driver Drifted into Your Lane – Schedule a Free Consultation With a Phoenix Truck Collision Attorney

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